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What are my clients saying about me? The following are reviews for computer services that I have provided to my clients.

Repaired/replaced BIOS. Computer wouldn’t even turn on when I gave it to Bill. Bill is super responsive.? He diagnosed the problem quickly, was able to explain to a lay person what was wrong, what he did to fix it, and it was ready in a couple of hours.? Also he realized his VISA charge device has charged sales tax twice, he immediately caught it, let me know, and sent me a check!? I would highly recommend Bill, very personable…

Computer had be infected with malware viruses making it nearly unusable. It was 4pm on a Friday afternoon. I called a couple places and found the appointment times would probably be no earlier than Monday. Then I called Bill because of his ratings on Angie’s List. He was able to start cleaning the malware out immediately by remote. It took 1 1/2 hours to get it all and I was on the phone with him the whole time. I was very pleased with the service and professionalism and highly recommend him.

Bill responded promptly to my inquiry and remotely determined the problem and resolved it (conflict with external hard drive back up). Additionally he provided clean up and “tune up” services. I was extremely pleased with his knowledge of PCs, professionalism, quick response and rapid resolution of the issue and charging only for time worked as opposed to flat fee to cover first hour or start of service.

[I] had forgotten computer password and needed to reinstall operating system. Bill also realized that he had to delete the hard-drive partition as I had a dual boot setup with Windows and Linux previously installed. He new exactly what to do and had my computer back in my hands within a day. Other computer repair shops either did not return my call or offered other services, indicating they did not understand my situation.

I was unable to download a new version of scam/spamware. He cleaned off some evil items on my computer and then successfully downloaded the software. There were extensive items to execute and he did so with great professionalism. He generally can access one’s computer from his office. My issue required a visit to my office. He spent considerable time sorting out the problem and fixing it. He even left me with a couple of software programs that helps me to occasionally clean off my computer. I experienced a couple of residual issues after he preformed his original services, and he fixed them at no additional cost. I have recommended his service to friends who were also very pleased with the service. I would definitely employ his services again!

Bill was great. I wanted a new computer, but I wanted to use as many components from my old one to spare expense. Bill listened, asked me some questions, then offered his own advise. What resulted was a great computer tailored to my needs. It was done on time and under budget. I plugged it in and it worked beautifully right away, no issues. I did have a minor setting wrong for my printer, but Bill was able to remotely access my computer, after he had me select that function, and had it taken care of in a few minutes. Bill is now my “go to” I.T. guy as well.

Replaced a noisy heatsink fan on our CPU. The job required removing the motherboard and bracket as well as washers holding it down. A surprisingly complicated job, well-executed. Couldn’t have asked for better service. Bill ended up making 3 trips to our house in one afternoon so the PC was up and running that evening. For sure he didn’t charge us the full amount for his time. Very easy-going, knowledgeable fellow. We’ll definitely be calling him again if we have PC problems in the future.

Replaced the internal wireless board in my ASUS computer. (Of course the board went bad one month after the ASUS warranty expired) ūüôĀ Dropped off the computer at his home office, received a prompt reply that he could repair the problem, got a call about 3 days later that the part had arrived and the computer was ready to pick-up.
Very professional, clean, prompt.

Bill was wonderful. He helped me with Windows 8. Now it looks like Windows 7. Also helped with the wi-fi setup. It had stopped working. Cleaned up some stuff and made sure the printer was working. Now my mom has a functional laptop that she can maneuver. I highly recommend Bill. He is very knowledgeable, patient and easy to work with. I will use him again for my pc needs.

We were dead in the water with the new printer that would not play nicely with our network. We called for an appointment with Bill, expecting a day or two wait. He was there, on time, that afternoon. Long story short: problem with MS Word, not printer. Re-installed Word as overlay — so-o-o-o slow, failed. Bill remotely removed and re-installed whole office suite. He did that so he wouldn’t run up the bill. As it was, he gave us way more service than the time he billed for. Great experience!
-Rob & Kitty

He tried to repair my dead laptop but when that just wouldn’t happen he recovered my data–a LIFESAVER!! IB I.T. tried to repair my laptop which just stopped working. Despite valiant efforts, they were not able to resuscitate the dang thing but were able to recover my more valuable data and files. Thank goodness!!¬†Great job despite the hardware failure. He was awesome in working on the problem and in communicating the status with me.

Bill came to our house and spent about 2 hours cleaning off spyware and numerous pop-ups off my daughter’s laptop computer. He cleaned off all the hidden files and got her computer running at a much faster speed. We also had Bill change our wifi to a more secure network. My daughter had been having lots of trouble with her laptop because it was infected with spyware and lots of pop-ups. She was so frustrated with how slow it ran and she avoided using it. We wanted it cleaned off so she could use it at college in the fall. Bill worked relentlessly to get rid of all the pop-ups and spyware. After finishing and leaving, Bill remembered that there were a few more hidden files he had wanted to check so he called and arranged a time with us so he could remotely check and remove the files. Bill was very personable and did not mind us looking over his shoulder and asking lots of questions. We would definitely use IB I.T. Services again.

Bill was punctual for our appointment at my house to set up a new computer for me. I was very pleased with how the appointment went. Bill was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and very generous with his time and expertise. I am very grateful for his help, both at my home and when he had to remote into my computer. If needed, I will certainly hire Bill again and would highly recommend him to others who need computer help.

Mr. Dowd installed a new hard drive in my laptop, and all of the software applications specific to running my business, such as QuickBooks (all versions) and Benefits Analysis software, as well as common software like Adobe and Java. He also installed printer drivers and re-installed Windows 7, drivers, and all updates. He checked for functionality. He located and fixed a bad network cable to the printer. He not only cleaned up an exhaustingly confusing and complicated file system that had multiple locations of Documents, Photos and Music, including nested layers, documents inside of documents, etc and removed duplicates on the old drive, but then arranged and organized the system on the new drive. He wrote a custom backup script for backing up to another internal and external hard drive either individually, or simultaneously.

My pleasure to find and have Mr. Dowd provide IT services was an extremely satisfying experience. One that left me with a sense of assurance and peace that there is indeed light at the end of every tunnel when the right person is taking care of the darkness in the tunnel, no matter how dark the tunnel may seem at the time!¬†No one likes to deal with a computer that needs attention with some kind of restoration issue, and for me it was even more¬†agonizing having to look for the IT person who I would be comfortable with paying that attention to my computer.¬†Mr. Dowd’s confident and calm patience and understanding of the issues were more than just a huge sigh of relief. Coupled with his evident and obvious high work ethics for customer satisfaction made for a very impressive, positive, and greatly appreciated experience.¬†Further, Mr. Dowd’s seamless efforts to transition my old drive to the new, made sure that I was without ANY interruptions in the service I provide my own clients.¬†Overall, the best type of experience to have, in my opinion when it comes to the incredible amount of sensitive and confidential¬†information we tend to store within our technology devices.¬†I was so pleased with Mr. Dowd’s service, that I have since referred him to my own clientele, who have been very appreciative¬†and extremely satisfied with the same quality of work that I myself experienced with his services. These same clients have thanked me for the referral and have made such comments to Mr. Dowd as the one below …¬†“I will continue to refer others I know to you Bill. I am very pleased with your service and professionalism”.

I work with computers everyday and rely on them to be there when I need them. One day my computer crashed and I thought I lost all my data forever. I called Bill at IB I.T. Services hoping he could retrieve my data so I brought in my hard drive to him and within an hour he had all my data and put it on a external hard drive for me (that was his and he let me borrow it until I could get my own). Bill is very kind and funny person and is always there when you need him. I’ve had experiences other IT people and was always given faults promises at a high price. But Bill at IB I.T. Services has good rates and follows through with everything, he’s smart and when ever I call for anything he fixes it right away.

I have used the services of IB I.T. several times this past fall. First, I asked them to find and put together a computer that would meet my specific needs. That was done and at a reasonable. price. Following this installation, I had numerous questions regarding the use of the operating system as well as the programs installed. My questions were answered promptly and completely and very much to my satisfaction. Since I am not terribly computer literate, yet must use all functions daily, I have found this service to be invaluable. I have tried other services, and found their professionalism, responsiveness overall knowledge and price of service rather unsatisfactory compared to IB I.T. I highly recommend using IB I.T for all your computer needs.

First: the assistance in the purchase of this computer, the set-up and transfer of all data went extremely well. While at first there appeared to a a glitch or two, I usually discovered it was me and not IB I.T.
Second: following the installation, and as I had questions, I found I could call/e-mail/text IB I.T anytime and I always received a quick answer, even late at night. Because I am a night owl, this has been extremely helpful when I run into problems in my work.
Third: the most recent example of rapid response was when I ran into problems with my WiFi and modem. I called IB I.T. They were on-line immediately with me and diagnosed the problem in a very short order and at a very reasonable price, thus saving me a ton of aggravation so I could get back to work quickly.

Bill came out to set up our new home office. We had formerly been renting at a business that provided all those services for us and had no idea how to set up our own equipment. Bill worked efficiently to get everything up and running just as we wanted. After the initial set up we had to have Bill come out to set up an additional printer, Bill responded quickly and had it installed in no time.