I provide many computer services to meet your needs. Below is a partial list of those services.

Remote Access or In-Person Support
TV-LogoOften, your problems can be resolved by me being able to remote in to your computer. This saves time and often saves money. If I don’t have to charge a minimum of 1 hour to go to your place, but can fix your problem in 45 minutes or less, you save, plus, it is often faster.

Vehicle-300pxSometimes there is work that must be done on-site. Whether the “scumware” is preventing me from connecting to your computer or you have needs that can only be satisfied with in-person help, it just makes more sense to go to you. You will find that I am professional, friendly and helpful and driving a clearly marked vehicle with the IB I.T. Services Logo on the sides.

Computer Service & Repair
Computer ServiceAre pop-ups, ads and “scumware” interrupting your computer work and play? Is it slow, locking up or dead? “Scumware”, viruses and Trojans can most often be cleaned up and eliminated. Whatever the problem, I can help you determine whether it can be fixed or needs replacing. I can fix it, upgrade what you have or sell you good quality refurbished HP or Dell computer at a very low cost. If it’s dead and you need to recover data from it, I can usually retrieve all of your data. I can also wipe and completely re-install your Windows operating system if your computer hardware is still good.

Data Protection or Data Wiping
HP-Backup Server APC UPSWhat would happen if your computer was destroyed in a fire, flood or some other disaster? What if your computer was stolen? Is your data important? If you are running QuickBooks® POS or keeping your financial records in QuickBooks®, would it be OK if that data just disappeared? I doubt it. I would guess that this is likely your most important data if you’re running a business. So then, what are you doing to protect it? Backing it up is a great start, but protection is more than just backing it up. Data can be lost if there are power interruptions during transactions. Is your data protected from employees hitting the Oops key or intentionally destroying data? Are your backups kept on-site or off-site? There is much to think about and I can help you to navigate this path.
On the other hand, what if you have old hard drives that need to have the data securely wiped? I can perform a DOD (Department of Defense) grade wipe from 1 to multiple passes on your hard drive as long as the drive is still functioning. If it’s not, then I can physically destroy the drive to prevent anyone and everyone from getting to your data.

Printers, Scanners & Peripheral Installation
PrinterScannerNeed your printer to be shared with others in your office? Not sure how to setup that scanner you just bought? I can set it up for you so you don’t need to worry about it.

Confidential FolderKeeping a written record of network details including usernames and passwords is critical for your business. This highly confidential record should never be kept by me alone, but rather shared with you so that you have control of your system. It is a living document that should be continually updated and shared with you. This is just part of my service to small businesses.

Website Setup
IBITWebsiteI use WordPress templates to custom design your business Website. I am not a graphic designer nor is Web design my specialty, but I can help you to setup a simple Website or to maintain or customize your existing site. Let’s talk about what you want and I’ll help you achieve your desired goal.